Therapy with Dr.Seyi Amosu

Therapy is the process of coming home to yourself: connecting with your intuition, cultivating trust for your instincts and developing compassion for your emotions. Together we ask the question: how can you get free?

My work is rooted in deep listening and collaboration. I offer a warm environment with space for all of who you are. Everything clients bring to our time— grief, anger, joy— is welcome, and essential. Much of my work is in supporting clients’ growth in their relationship with their own emotions. In the safety and privacy of our space, we can change habitual responses to vulnerability, such as avoidance, and develop tools for accessing emotions, self-soothing and communication in spaces outside of therapy.

The other piece of supporting clients in developing trust for their intuition is refining our analysis of our relationship with the world around us.

The things that happen in our lives are not separate from the things that happen in our world. Society confers on us expectations about what it means to be “normal” and uses shame to force us to conform. We ignore our own experiences and self-monitor to become “acceptable” to dominant culture. We are left feeling disconnected, ashamed and personally responsible for systemic issues.

I help clients deconstruct power in their lives. Encouraging clients to be critical of the history and culture that shapes us locates the source of pathology within society rather than within themselves.

Let’s get free y’all.

*I am licensed in the State of Georgia (PSY004518)

if you are struggling with self-criticism and judgment . . .

  • Is it hard to forgive yourself (even for small mistakes)?
  • Is your self-talk mostly negative?
  • Do you feel like you’re never good enough?

Together we can:

  • Soothe your inner critic
  • Identify what past experiences are creating pressure
  • Shift from condemnation to curiosity

If you are struggling with navigating your emotions . . .

  • Is it hard to process or be present with your emotions?
  • Do you have strong feelings that seemingly come out of nowhere?
  • Do emotions make you uncomfortable or feel like a burden?

Together we can:

  • Refine your ability to discern your feelings
  • Approach your emotions with flexibility and compassion
  • Create safety around strong emotions

If you are struggling with loneliness. . .

  • Is it hard to make meaningful connections with others?
  • Does a fear of rejection keep you from reaching out?
  • Do you feel like a burden?

Together we can:

  • Discover what you need and offer in relationships
  • Develop helpful patterns in relationships
  • Set comfortable boundaries

If you are struggling to exist within our sociopolitical climate . . .

  • Do you feel hopeless about the state of the world?
  • Do you live with a constant feeling of existential dread?
  • Is it hard to imagine a meaningful or joyous future?

Together we can:

  • Honor your anger and grief
Cultivate and identify ecosystems of joy
  • Uncover healing through engaged action

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