I am a therapist and community organizer. Movement work and therapy exist in the balance between the world we know and the one we desire. In both spaces, I have found that our biggest questions leave space for our biggest answers.

In the spaces I cultivate, you are welcome to be the dynamic person that you are.

Therapy is proof that change is possible. A new world is possible. We build it collaboratively all the time. I choose this work because it is a joy and an honor to co-conspire with my clients. We are on a mission together to change the world, and it is working.
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Areas of Expertise

Anxiety & Mood Disorders


Identity Exploration

Sexual Health & Reproductive Experiences

Fat Positive Wellness

Working with Youth

Beyond Therapy with Dr. Seyi Amosu

Outside of individual therapy, I offer collaborative learning spaces

Workshops and Facilitation

One of the things I love most is teaching, and one of the things I hate is grading! Workshops give me the opportunity to be in learning spaces that aren’t evaluative, and to learn collaboratively alongside folks with whom I am sharing space. I believe we all have something to teach each other.

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