We hold so many identities. Identities can relate to race, gender and religion. They also have to do with relationships, such as being a friend, a parent, a confidante. Some identities we choose, some the world projects on to us, and others we arrive at by circumstance. Our identities overlap and sometimes they can feel contradictory. The good news is, multiple identities (even conflicting ones) can co-exist in you. You are proof of that — you hold them all and you exist! Sometimes we struggle to reconcile that, and this is what identity exploration work can address. Together, let’s shift the vantage point from which we see ourselves.

What to do with the unique expertise that comes with your many identities can feel like a huge task! We can move away from questions that reinforce the societal pressures that have been foisted upon us. Instead, we can ask expansive questions like “Who am I?” Our biggest questions give us the space for the biggest, dreamiest answers.