About Dr. Seyi Amosu

Hi, I’m Seyi.

I’m a psychologist with a background in community organizing. Put another way, I am a co-conspirator in change.

Movement work and therapy exist in the balance between the world we know and the one we desire. In both spaces, I have found that our biggest questions leave space for our biggest answers.

As a therapist, I focus on changing clients’ relationship to their problems. Together, we identify patterns that reinforce pain internalized from the outside world and discover opportunities for agency.

While my dedication to you getting free is rigorous, I intentionally bring a spirit of lighthearted transparency to my work. I love to laugh, have a hobby of collecting hobbies (ceramics, candle making, metal-working), and always dedicate one of my desk drawers for snacks which I am happy to share.

In the spaces I cultivate, you are welcome to be the dynamic person that you are. You are welcome to let me know when I am wrong. I help clients build support for their intuition and work collaboratively. This means helping clients trust their judgement rather than relying on mine.

I hold a PhD from Southern Illinois University. In my generalist training, I specialized in sexual trauma, gender-based violence, and identity development. I also have extensive experience in vocational (career) therapy, youth group work, and supporting folks in navigating their relationships with drugs and alcohol. Another way I think of it is that I have a lot of experience in supporting folks when they navigate endings and beginnings, and the questions that come up in between.

As an organizer, I see all the time that people have an incredible capacity for self-determination and an impetus towards growth. I especially love working with youth.

I love this work so, so much. I can hardly imagine myself as anything else because being a psychologist unifies my desire to understand people as complex individuals with my passion for changing systems. Therapy is proof that change is possible. A new world is possible. We build it collaboratively all the time. I choose this work because it is a joy and an honor to co-conspire with my clients. We are on a mission together to change the world, and it is working.