I believe that all therapy work is trauma work because we live in a world that perpetually traumatizes people. My dream is to undo this world by supporting people as they unbraid the effects of trauma in their lives.

Trauma can look a lot of ways, and sometimes it can be difficult to identify. My trauma background is in childhood sexual abuse, gender-based violence, and sexual assault. I have worked in rape crisis services doing individual and group therapy with adults and adolescents. These experiences gave me love for doing this work and for folks that have survived gender-based violence, especially youth. I also have experience working with race-based, identity-based, religious trauma and body trauma*.
*See Fat Positive Wellness page

Trauma of every kind inhibits our imagination. Specifically, trauma limits our capacity to imagine safety– our ability to move through the world without a sense of impending doom. Our work is not an attempt to forget, necessarily grow from, or deny the reality of what you have experienced. Our work centers on finding ways to manifest safety in an often unsafe world.

Together, we can find opportunities for agency in cultivating safer spaces by identifying your boundaries, unlearning the ways you’ve adjusted to trauma-rooted patterns, and map pathways to move through the world with greater freedom and a renewed imagination.