Many mental health issues have an anxiety or mood component. Part of our work is in shifting our relationship with our anxiety and mood related distress. How can we have a relationship that is collaborative with our anxious thoughts or depressive episodes? Can we let go of value judgments around our patterns? How can we notice the experiences we are having in a way that is useful to us? Sometimes, in moving from self-resentment to curiosity, we can discover ways that our past coping mechanisms haven’t served us as well as new ways forward.

I specifically work with clients to cultivate a greater capacity for flexibility and a comfort with not knowing. Our distress can make us feel so uncertain that sometimes it pushes us to a place where we crave certainty of any kind (e.g. good vs. bad; right vs. wrong). Let’s investigate the fear (and sometimes the freedom) of being in the middle. Together we can identify the resources you are already using to cope, notice habits that are not supporting you in meeting your goals, and build new tools for whatever comes next.